Savage Race March Dade city

Join us for the Savage Race. Kinetix Inspired Fitness in Pinellas park Florida has savage race tickets.
You still have time to sign up for the Savage Race and get tickets here at a discounted price. We have a group going Sunday start time 10am. You can join us or go on your own or another group. Save over $25 getting your ticket here. call or stop by.


Author: kinetix24

If health, fitness, hard work, determination, fun and a community environment is what you are looking for, you have found it at the Kinetix Inspired Fitness. Our goal at Kinetix is to help every member reach and pass their fitness and health goals. We have learned over the years that gyms (especially if it is your first time at a gym) can be intimidating, and don’t care about their members. Here at Kinetix we make it our goal to help you with yours. Whether it’s maintaining health and fitness, pushing it to your next level, or competition, we have what you need.

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