Boxing Fit Camp

On Tuesday at Kinetix Inspired Fitness, Noemi Bosques is hosting another free Boxing Fit Camp at Kinetix Inspired Fitness. Noemi Bosques is a local Professional and Former NBA, WBU, WIBA Boxing Title Holder. She is bringing her love and experience of the sport to Kinetix Inspired Fitness. She will be offering some free demo Boxing Fit Camp classes for the month of February. This will be a class for beginner to advanced. This will bring a combination of boxing, cardio functional training and weight training. Space is limited. Contact us for more details. Come enjoy the class.
Click Below to view video


Author: kinetix24

If health, fitness, hard work, determination, fun and a community environment is what you are looking for, you have found it at the Kinetix Inspired Fitness. Our goal at Kinetix is to help every member reach and pass their fitness and health goals. We have learned over the years that gyms (especially if it is your first time at a gym) can be intimidating, and don’t care about their members. Here at Kinetix we make it our goal to help you with yours. Whether it’s maintaining health and fitness, pushing it to your next level, or competition, we have what you need.

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